As an expert in the fields of worthiness, personal transformation and stress management Jennifer knows that your worth matters. She assists individuals, both personally and professionally, in transforming their struggles and stress into empowering opportunities for greater self-worth, personal power, peace of mind, and success.

Prior to founding her current business Jennifer was a secondary level guidance counsellor and physical and health education teacher. With over thirty years of experience teaching and guiding people to awaken to their own inherent value she has impacted individuals worldwide with her wisdom, knowledge and experience.

She shares her vast knowledge of universal principles gained from years of studies as well as her own wisdom and life experiences in consultations and seminars in order to assist individuals in gaining clarity concerning their toughest challenges and life experiences.  She uses their stressful challenges as a way to awaken to them to their own worth and unique power so that they can experience the success they desire… and deserve!

Because Jennifer knows that each one of us matters she offers her clients a new and more profound way of looking at themselves and their lives by questioning and shifting the beliefs that are undermining their self-worth and peace of mind. Clients leave her consultations and programs with clarity, hope, inspiration, and with more awareness and appreciation for themselves and their lives. Many of her clients hire her initially to find solutions to their problems and challenges and then stay to master their lives.