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Self-Worth Transformation Specialist

Transforming You and Your Life!

Hi, I’m Jennifer…

and I know that Your Worth Matters! I help stressed stuck individuals achieve clarity and peace of mind by raising their self-worth so that they can fulfill their potential and take their life to the next level.

Feeling Stuck?

What if your stress, struggles and that frustrating feeling of being stuck was due to diminished self-worth and that the way to peace of mind and fulfillment was as simple as increasing your sense of worth?

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7 Signs That Low Self-Worth Could Be The Silent Saboteur of Your Dreams.

Whether you currently believe it or not
your worth matters!

Your sense of worth determines whether you believe you matter… or not. Strong self-worth determines whether you believe you are important. It does not require any evidence from other people that proves that you matter or are important. It simply requires YOU to believe it…fully!

Self worth is the key to:
  • Fulfilling your potential
  • Living the life that you dream of
  • Feeling loved and appreciated
  • Achieving your goals and dreams
  • Receiving respect
  • Loving yourself fully

I was initially skeptical that Jennifer’s consults would be an different from any other program however after one session I realized that I had found someone who was able to challenge my thinking and make me realize that my life could be different. I could actually apply the tools to new situations. The ripple effect of new insights continues to blow me away.

Laurie T.

Jennifer Welsh is one of the most gifted people I have ever met. Her true gift is in being able to help uncover the person that we all have within us - but have buried due to fear, opinions of others and feelings of not being enough. Uncovering that person brings about true authenticity and power and can’t help but affect every other area of your life. Whether it is your health, business, relationship, or finances, it all starts with you. This has been exactly my experience of working with Jennifer. Her impact on all areas of my life has been profound to say the least. She remains one of my most trusted confidants and advisors.

Dr. Sean OrrAuthor of Rest Ethic: Be More, Have More and Do Less

Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me to grow, gain clarity, and ultimately to create an internal shift which is reflected positively in both my business expansion, and my personal relationships. My practice has more than doubled since our relationship began 3 years ago, and my heart is more clearly aligned with its purpose and destiny. Jennifer walks the walk. She is an incredible listener and a genuine human being. She never fails to bring her whole self to our sessions. She understands deeply, and guides with grace. She is dedicated, inspired and gifted. I highly recommend her unique process for anyone interested in his/her own growth and fulfillment.

Beth F.

With my new title I wanted to say thank you. Every tear... Every struggle.. Everything I've learned that you have taught me has led to one of my dreams coming true before 40 🙂 None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you.


Thanks to my work with Jennifer, I've been able to realize that my highs weren't as great as I was believing, and my lows weren't nearly as bad; reality is somewhere in the middle. She has helped me to see how each person, good and bad, serves me through the role they play in my life. I've been able to release the hold negative or perceived positive relationships have had on me. I feel much more balanced, realize how blessed I truly am, and look forward to realizing authentic greatness. Thank you Jennifer for speaking my language, and for allowing me to remember the past fondly, live the present to its fullest, and dream big for what is to come.

Brad Hassig, D.C.

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