Consultations are 1-on-1 and

tailored to each client.

Through the use of high quality questions Jennifer assists you in resolving your problems by helping you discover the answers that are already in you. You’ll feel safe, accepted and valued as you go through the process of transforming your struggles and your life. Your inner transformative shifts will provide opportunities to create a life with more fulfillment, joy and success.


  • stress
  • life’s challenges
  • self-doubt
  • life’s ‘should-have-beens’
  • failures
  • societal expectations
  • fear and guilt
  • disempowering familial and societal beliefs


  • greater clarity
  • certainty of your worth
  • peace of mind
  • hope
  • self-awareness
  • self-acceptance
  • joy
  • lightness


  • love your life
  • love yourself
  • develop self-worth
  • realize your potential
  • attain your dreams
  • live your best life


I just want to say thank you … after our last session I felt content, optimistic and peaceful. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing to help me heal.


Jennifer is a master questioner who leads you to true self-discovery


Jennifer gave me back my hope.


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