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Have you ever wondered why the confident woman in your office or business seems to get what she wants all the time and it’s not because she’s demanding or overly-accommodating? Or what about that woman who doesn’t get too upset about what’s going on around her, even when someone says something to her that would devastatingly hurt you?

I’m betting that they both have a strong sense of their worth. They value themselves whether someone else values them or not.

Self-worth is a term that is thrown around in personal development circles yet I believe that the value of it has been underestimated and misunderstood.

I see an epidemic of low self-worth in our North American culture especially with women. If we’ve underestimated it and misunderstood it then it makes sense that we won’t strive to achieve it.

But self-worth is your Secret Weapon. It is what you need to feel worthy enough to achieve your goals and dreams, whether it is to finally lose your extra weight, leave a bad relationship, ask for a promotion, stand up to your bossy sister, create more revenue in your business, feel fulfilled and content with your life or whatever you’ve been wanting in your life. This Secret Weapon is why some people are getting what they want out of life and possibly why you aren’t.

Why is self-worth a Secret Weapon? Because it’s the key to living an awesome life as your awesome self. It’s invisible yet it creates tangible results in your life, like finally getting the respect you want from your partner or boss.  Plus, once you have it no one can take it from you… you can give it away but no one can take it from you. It’s yours and only yours. And this weapon is going to allow to you get what you want in life!

Think of a video game where you work really hard to get to the level where you are gifted a Secret Weapon (yes I realize that many of you have never played a video game, me included, but maybe your son, daughter, niece, nephew or partner has and you’ve watched just long enough to understand this concept that I’m presenting. I’m hoping you have).

In this game you have received a Secret Weapon that is going to allow you to slay dragons, ride unicorns into the sunset and reach the Holy Grail of the game. No one can take it from you because they don’t even know you have it. They can’t see it. It’s invisible. They can see and experience the effects of it but they can’t see this weapon so it’s impossible for them to take it from you.

Knowing this, would you want to willingly give up your Secret Weapon? Would you want to forfeit your chance to win your game, whether it’s a video or in life? Would you give it to someone else to destroy?

Absolutely not! If you’ve worked hard to achieve this weapon chances are you are going to value it so much that you won’t ever give it up or give it away. If there were rules to the game (life included) one of them would be

Never Give Up or Give Away Your Secret Weapon! Never. Ever. Ever.

One of the quickest ways to give away your Secret Weapon is to let someone else determine if you have worth or not… whether it is your partner, boss, friend, parent, colleague, child etc. Ultimately only you determine whether you are worthy and until you arrive at the state of knowing that you have value and worth no matter what, then you’re missing out on your Secret Weapon, which I must say makes me feel sad. We all deserve to have our own Secret Weapon! You included!

I’m a question-asker so I ask you to consider these questions…

Are you in the habit of giving your Secret Weapon away?

Do you even have your Secret Weapon yet? Do you ever let someone else determine if you have worth, or not?

And finally, how might it feel for you to have your own Secret Weapon (your own sense of worth)?

Your answers lie within. You just need to ask the right questions.

Thanks for listening!

And remember... Your Worth Matters™!