In our North American culture, we are inundated with messages that tell us that to be classified as successful we must have material (financial) worth… lots of it! Many of us define our own success according to how much money we have. We compare to our friends, our neighbours. If we have lots on money and material wealth we must be successful… TV and music videos tell us so.

Our worth gives us a sense of power, or not. The wealthy are credited with the attribute of power simply because they have money. In our minds material worth equals power. Success equals power.

But there is another power than anybody can attain! It is the power of solid true self-worth which, unlike money and material possessions, you can never lose. It is an inner worth that can not be taken away from you.

So, if worth equals power then your worth matters because it is the key to your own inner power!

Your Self-Worth Matters!

I believe that self-worth is THE most important foundational ingredient necessary for achieving sustainable fulfilling success and greatness.

I see people who have big visions, who work like horses and have great urgency but without solid self-worth they often fall short of their dreams. And if they manage to achieve what they desire it doesn’t last that long.

Without self-worth any success (including financial success) will be either elusive, short-lived, unsustainable or unfulfilling. Think of all those lottery winners who end up losing all their money… no one told them that they needed to be worthy of the money to keep it.

Imagine having success that is not only sustainable but also fulfilling! Imagine having that in any area of your life… finances, health, relationships, your career! That would feel like abundance wouldn’t it!

I define self-worth as the worth you give yourself, warts and all.

It’s the worth you give yourself:

  • even when you know you don’t measure up in society’s eyes because you aren’t rich enough, or tall enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough or fit enough…
  • when you drive a low-end car or live in the smallest house in the neighbourhood
  • when it’s apparent that certain people don’t like or approve of you

As I said above, we’ve been led to believe that our worth is determined by our money and our material possessions but we also believe that it’s determined by our beauty, our titles, other people’s opinions of us… anything that is outside of us. The truth is your worth is determined by you and you alone.

Self-worth allows you to live consciously, make decisions consciously, respond to triggers consciously. It affects your energy levels, your ability to attract, your sense of self and your self-acceptance. And these all affect your ability to create income (or revenue) while living a fulfilling abundant life in all areas of your life.

Therefore, your self-worth also affects how much wealth you will create in your life… in all areas. Wealth in not only money, but also in fulfillment, health, love and connection.

Most people think their wealth determines their worth but that’s just backwards.

The problem with having your wealth determine your worth is that it keeps you in a subconscious (sometimes it’s conscious) zone of fear or insecurity which won’t let you ever step fully into your power and expand into fulfilling your potential.  When your wealth determines your worth, you end up missing out on a life that feels full, satisfying, abundant and blessed due to this underlying fear or insecurity.

Among other things, your self-worth determines the level you allow yourself to rise to. It will allow you to step into your own greatness and develop the unique gifts that we each have to help us fulfill our potential and leave our mark on the world.

You won’t leave your mark on the world and have an amazing abundant life without self-worth so I’m serious when I say…

Your Worth Matters™!

Thanks for listening!


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